Homework: To Give or Not to Give?

Research has shown that homework has no academic benefit for elementary school students, plus parents and kids hate it. So why are our kids saddled with up to an hour a night starting as early as kindergarten?

This is just another example of knowing how children actually learn but ignoring what we know. On the very first day of school last week, students at my school were sent home with pages of math drills. ┬áSome argue this teaches responsibility, and yes remembering to bring something back to school in the morning does require a degree of executive functioning skill. But aren’t there better, more meaningful ways to teach responsibility?

Learning should continue at home, but as reading, drawing, playing, building, exploring outside and talking. Instead of homework, let’s provide high quality after school programs and send every kid home with a lego set, books and a big box of crayons every September. For once, let’s listen to the research and do what we know is right for kids. ┬áLet’s give less homework this year.