Cabinet of Horrors: A Guide To Calling Your Senators

The appointments just get scarier and scarier- from climate deniers to DeVos’ agenda to destroy public schools, life under Prez. T is looking dark for us normal, non- old white billionaires. So, thinking of calling your Senator? In the doc below,  are scripts you can use for 9 of the worst Cabinet appointments.

Scripts for Sessions, Pruitt, Tillerson, Devos and phone numbers for Schumer and Gillibrand included! If you’re one of the lucky constituents of any of the key Senate Committee chairs- Chuck Grassley, Lamar Alexander, Bob Corker or Lisa Murkowski, specifically, those numbers are included as well.

Click, call and share.

Cabinet of Horrors: A Guide

Calling your Senator every day is a good start. So anyway, make some calls. Share the guideContact Your Senator

For more information- a rundown of all the appointments here:

And one more thing… Unfortunately, two of T’s non-cabinet appointments, white supremacist Steve Bannon and conspiracy theorist Islamaphobe Michael Flynn, do not need to be confirmed by the Senate. All the more reason to stay vocal- neither should be in a position of power.

Here’s a script for Bannon.

I’m a constituent from… and calling to ask that the Senator issue a public statement expressing his/ her intent to refuse to work with the Trump administration in any way until Steven Bannon is dismissed.  Bannon is a white supremacist, sexist, anti-semite who shouldn’t be allowed near the white house. 

Here’s one for Flynn.

I’m a constituent from… and calling to ask that the Senator issue a public statement expressing his/ her intent to refuse to work with the Trump administration in any way until Michael Flynn is dismissed. Flynn is a conspiracy theorist who spreads fake news and a danger to our national Security. 

Unprez Trump’s cabinet of horrors must be shut down. Luckily, all of his cabinet appointments, including DeVos, do require Senate confirmation. So, have you called yet?


This is Not Normal- And the Kids Know it

This is not normal. Deep down, we all know it’s not normal- down to my 4 year old pre-k students. So please stop telling me it will be okay. Stop telling me to calm down.

A destructive, vengeful, unqualified sociopath is about to become the most powerful man in the world and his every act confirms his intent to destroy the institutions that safeguard our democracy- from a free press, to a just judiciary, to our electoral process, to civil rights, to public schools, to national security, to our health and to the safety of our planet. Armed vigilantes are raiding pizza stores, hate crimes are spreading like wildfire, (not to mention the wildfires that are spreading due to drought) white supremacists and conspiracy theorists are primed to have the presidents’ ear, and the man himself refuses to attend national security briefings and instead is intent on getting rich off public office, rewarding corrupt cronies and gas-lighting a nation via twitter.  This is the guy who’s getting nuclear weapons and unprecedented executive power.  This is not normal and it will only be okay if we all fight like hell to make it ok.

90% of 10,000 teachers say the tone has changed in their classrooms since the election- with new fears, cruelties and tension permeating classroom culture. I feel it too. There is more anxiety, more distraction. My students talk about Trump every day. Every day. On a field trip to a museum in Manhattan yesterday one 6 year old said, “Oh I hope we’re not going near Trump tower, are we going to be near Trump tower? I hope not, that’s bad luck.” Kid is 6 and riding a bus over the Queensborough bridge freaks him out because of the proximity to Trump Tower.  Not normal.

Election results should not make roomfuls of 9 year olds cry, but this year’s did. Presidents shouldn’t terrify children, but this one does. Cabinet appointments shouldn’t worry elementary schoolers, but these do.  I’m talking about 10 year olds actually discussing cabinet appointments in worried tones during lunch.

The kids know. They know something is at stake beyond the grown-up world of politics- something essential to their safety and future. They know this is the life or death of our institutions- our schools, our social services, our constitutional rights and the urgent movement for our planet. The kids know that this is not normal. They know that we should all be terrified and that pretending will not make it okay. That nothing will make it okay unless every progressive, every moderate, every apolitical go about my business type, every worker, every leader, every thinking conservative and for God’s sake already- every Democrat official, stands up and fights back.  Kid’s know how urgent this is. And they are counting on us, the grown ups, to make this right.


Gifts That Fight Back: Holiday Gifts for the Activist

Once again it feels frivolous to go holiday shopping this year with everything good under attack by the people (Republicans +Trump) who hold power. But I think my family will be less than pleased if all I give them this year are donations in their name, so I made an activist  gift giving plan. Here it is:

Gifts that Fight Back

To fight for civil rights:

To support a free and creditable press:

To support women’s reproductive health:

To support public education:

To fight climate change and stand for science:

Support public institutions:

If you have more ideas, organizations or links- please share via comments! I will keep adding as I find more. Spread the word: Give gifts that fight back this holiday season!